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Binzhou Bohai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. machines have the following characteristics:
      1, the machine configuration is excellent, stable processing piston Quality: Our production piston production line equipment already in our practice for many years, with high precision, and low maintenance costs. Standard configuration using Siemens CNC system, servo motors, Fuji frequency regulator, so that the production line developed, scalability is good, such as: fine hole clamping position detection, finishing only the mouth is detected, machining centers ergonomic optimization design. The main electrical components, rails, bearings and other imported components, high-precision machining.
      2, Our company is a professional auto parts equipment manufacturers, has 40 years of professional experience in machine design and manufacturing, is the first fully automated piston production lines with automatic production line and the entire line of stand-alone processing capacity of machine tool manufacturers, foundry, Machining entire line, automatic detection machines have been exported to Iraq, Pakistan and other countries, all once successful commissioning, without any machine quality problems during the warranty period.
      The company design and manufacture of machine tools in one, National Science and Technology Progress Award, Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award number, a number of national patents. Category contains casting equipment, machining tools, surface treatment and testing equipment.
      3, the company for professional tools and processing characteristics of the piston deliver turnkey engineering, machine tools, tooling, tool sales together according to user needs, including installation, training and other aspects.
      4, the company of "honest and trustworthy" operating principles, that provide the best products and services as their responsibility, and strive to provide users with high quality products and value-added services.
        In after-sales service, "so as not to affect the customer's production" principle, the warranty period when equipment needs service, no bad record for a user to take the first for service, spare parts and then provide maintenance payment way, to better protect the interests of customers .
      5, with many years of experience in processing piston-based, machine tool products unique, mostly multi-step complex equipment, automatic positioning, high precision, low labor intensity, comprehensive processing efficiency is more than twice as common machine tools.



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