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This machine is a gasoline engine piston ring automatic assembly machine
This equipment is used to bond the iron cast aluminum pistons and aluminum body Ring defect detection. Program uses ultrasound through assay methods, mainly used to detect various types of Piston Ring on the following bond rate, comprehensive assessment of bond quality of piston Ring.
The machine is mainly used for piston pin hole, retainer slot, once positioned inside and outside chamfering processing.
This machine series aluminum piston pin hole boring machine precision machining. Northern Hydrohybird using piezoelectric spindle boring head, the use of hydraulic servo deformable body, the choice of B & R servo control system, for precision machining of all types of engine piston pin hole.
Piston Automatic Inspection Machine is a fully automated, multi-station, multi-parameter piston comprehensive testing equipment, mainly used for testing the outer piston ring grooves, pin hole, the top surface and other parts of the size and the shape and position tolerances, and said weight, marks (two-dimensional code marking can be achieved), sorting, automatic statistics.
BHC-60 series machine is a precision CNC machine tools for piston machining, the machine is mainly used primarily for piston , aluminum, iron ring groove , cylindrical, only the mouth, the top surface of the combustion chamber and processing. Machine tool spindle units, precision spindle bearings imported bearings, bearing lubrication using high-quality high-speed grease. Machine tool spindle with wide speed servo motor, ensure that the entire drive train of high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, in order to meet the requirements of machine tool cutting low speed high torque and high speed power and other various conditions.
The machine uses Hydrostatic precision spindle box. For large-diameter piston pin hole pin hole precision machining.
The machine uses hydrostatic precision spindle box. For precision machining of the piston pin hole.
Suitable piston spigot, high-precision combustion, Qi top, cylindrical, ring groove and other processes, and efficient processing.
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